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      Life Coaching

Why would I need or want a Life Coach?
Sometimes in our lives, we find ourselves doing or thinking about things that stop us from our true potential.  
Imagine, if you will, a coach of a sports team; these people have tools and skills that teach the'student' something that they may not have known before.  The Life Coach will have their 'students' practice their new skills; take them home and keep those new skills for the rest of their lives.
Is what you are doing working for you?
In sessions, there will be items and tasks given to guide you to do things differently...
Some of us do the same things over and over again, expecting different results.                                              
Most of us know this as "insanity."
If you want something to change in your life, you have to change something in your life.
"Life Coaches work with their clients to reach specific life goals that enhance their growth in the absence of limiting emotional difficulties. For example a coach may help a client set a plan to change their lifestyle, improve their business, cultivate new relationships, etc.  
Dawn works with people who have thinking or emotional difficulties, or ingrained behavioral problems due to past or recent wounds, traumas, or possibly to a chemical imbalance. If you are experiencing stress, she can help."                                            
LR, Grants Pass OR
"Coaches are more personal and tend to disclose more of their own experience than counselors. Regular counseling can -in my experience- be a slower process than this type of coaching."
DP, Sunny Valley OR
As your coach, the goals that we set up together are measurable, and are the result of your actions taken to reach those goals.
The main focus with tasks is "a client who takes action ALWAYS gets results!"
We will explore the origin of problems and look at ways to develop new strategies to change those problems. 
I look at our sessions as "Life Changes 101."  
People who want to improve themselves do their tasks, grow and move towards more peaceful, productive lives.  


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