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About Dawn Hillman

Hi, my name is Dawn Hillman.  I am trained as a Life Coach, Intuitive Coach, Master Practitioner and Trainer of Time Line Therapy ®, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and Hypnotherapy. I am also certified as a Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Practitioner.  We utilize these forms of therapy that are unique, enjoyable and highly effective! 
I became interested in these fields over 20 years ago when I was suffering from several chronic illnesses that had tormented me for years. After working with my 'mentors,' these and other natural healing tools, I am free of pain and illness today.
Also, I have found extreme peace, joy and satisfaction in my every day life.
I am blessed to share these wonderful gifts that I have studied-- and have been given with clients, friends and loved ones.
So many times we may find ourselves limited by fear, worry, anger, frustration, depression and so on. Utilizing NLP, Timeline Therapy ® and Hypnotherapy to help clients deal with items that tend to block  peace, prosperity, health and well being." Reiki has been proven time and time again to eliminate stress, tension and often times, release clients from their illnesses and pain.




Our Mission Statement: "To optimize and enhance people's potentials by providing tools for wellness in mind and body."







Life Coach, Master Practitioner of  
Time Line Therapy,®  Hypnotherapy, 
NLP Certified Trainer, Life Coach and Intuitive Coach. Reiki Shiki Ryoho Practitioner.
Bringing wellness to mind and body.
Isn't it time that you move towards and achieve what you want and desire            in your life?



"Dawn is an extraordinary human being. Her compassion and amazing listening skills have helped me push past the darkest times of my life. Her methods and positivity helped me to build a life that I can be proud of. 
To me, she is a light in the darkness that use to surround me."
Grants Pass, Oregon

Dawn E. Hillman

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