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Most of us have heard the saying "The mind can heal the body." 

One of the most important discoveries in science today is the existence and power of the Unconscious Mind...that each one of us possess!
Did you know that experiences from our past linger in our Unconscious Minds long after our Conscious minds have forgotten them?  As a result, we're influenced in our daily choices by old experiences that we don't even recall.
In the 1950's, Dr. Wilder Penfield of the Montreal Neurological Institute found evidence that our brains retain nearly every experience that we have ever had.  He found that past emotionally charged- but now unconscious- memories are compared to ones we have in the present. When a key feature of a present event is similar to a distressing event from the past, it declares "a match." Then, without our conscious knowledge, it hijacks our rational thought processes. This causes us to respond to the present event as we had learned to respond to the past event.  The problem with that is, the outdated response is often totally inappropriate in our present situation, thus possibly causing bad decisions or sabotaging behaviors.
Since then, science has proven that repressed negative emotional ties are linked to illnesses;  
  • Anger has been shown to cause heart and blood issues  
  • Sadness weakens the immune system
  • Fear causes PTSD, excess stress and problems with the adrenal glands
  • Guilt lowers our (healing) energy
  • Unresolved conflicts have been shown to cause cancer.
All healing, learning, change and behavior happens at the unconscious level. 
This part of our mind's most important function is to run our bodies.
For example, how do you breath?... Or how does your heart continue beating?  
Our Unconscious Minds do so many things that we may or may not be aware of, for instance:  
It stores our memories in a time continuum as well as grouping them together in compartments (Gestalts) that are similar. 
Our Unconscious Minds repress these negative emotions so we can function.  However;  since   the most important function of the Unconscious Mind is to run and preserve our bodies, it           wants to present these things for resolution.  
New Horizons:  Utilizing marvelous techniques to resolve unwanted baggage, emotions, thoughts, behaviors.... leaving us peaceful, free and balanced . Guiding clients to eliminate the emotional attachments they may have to their past or present experiences; to step out of the shadow of fear, anger, hurt, shame...whatever it may be. 
Eliminating blocks that do not serve  you; resolving the blocks in your energy and body is crucial. This allows one to be able to "shine from within."



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